Ride the Wave!

You are not alone in your symptoms that have become pronounced since the eclipse. What a ride!

(Always, if in doubt, check it out. Seek medical attention if necessary.)

Hungry/Ravenous-Feeling and/or Cravings

Yep, a lot. Anytime you work out, you body needs more fuel…and though it may not seem like it, our bodies have been getting a good work out and it wants more fuel to keep us going.

Unable to Eat Some Foods

Along with wanting more, we are also finding that we cannot eat some foods that were just fine right before the eclipse. Again, our bodies are letting us know what it does, and does not, need or want. Dietary changes are here again.

Pressure/ Almost Headache

Daily slight pressure may be felt as the energies continue to work us over.

Energizer Bunny Ain’t Got Nothin’ on You

This is one that I appreciate. During the day, I feel like the Energizer Bunny on new batteries. This is in stark contrast to prior to the eclipse where we couldn’t concentrate and had trouble trying to stay awake during the day.

Very Sleepy/Tired/Worn Out

And when those batteries die down for the day…wow. Seriously, I sometimes feel like a little kid that is so overtired they are begging to go to bed…early. Pfft.

We need more rest to keep up with the energy adjustments. Those workouts are tiring.

Missing Time / Lost Time or Time Moving Really Fast

Where did the day go?! We each are working in multi-dimensions…time means nothing since it is a 3D construct.

Clearing Out More Stuff From Your Life

Many are getting the itch to clear out more from their life; people and items both. Anything that is not healthy to you is wanting out of your life.


I recommend that you honor your body and energy.

Go to bed early.

Satisfy the cravings for greens or raw veggies, etc., and leave the food that now does not appeal to you.

Ask your team to make these changes occur gently in and with you.

Ride the waves! Instead of dreading or fearing the changes occurring, maybe embrace them…look at them as an opportunity for a new adventure. What will you experience today? What new will you learn about yourself? What messages does your body have for you today? What a rush to have this experience!

by Jan Toomer


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