Intense Energy Working On Us

You may have seen the various forecasts for August and September that I shared on the Reality Undefined’s FB page, or that others have shared on FB, about the intense energy working on us.

We have already entered these newest energies; however, they will become more intense as August progresses.

Right now, some are experiencing the intense energy working on their physical and energetic bodies. This might be experienced in some pretty significant physical symptoms (seek medical attention when needed).

One major energetic adjustment period lasted about two weeks for me and happened to coincide with my annual thyroid and asthma checkup. My physical symptoms, the main one having been severe fatigue, was a concern to my doctor.

After ordering 4 or 5 different thyroid blood tests, CBC panel and metabolic panel, she declared that everything was spot on normal.

As I came out of the fatigue state, I felt like something heavy and a dark cloud was weighing on me. I called on my team to aid and direct me to release this.

I woke with the knowledge that the weight, heaviness and dark cloud were all the remaining cords to people and situations that I apparently hadn’t released.

I did not know what each cord was – nor was it necessary to know each one – only a few were brought to my attention through memories springing forward. All that were ready to be released were removed, cleansed and healed.

The weight, heaviness and dark cloud disappeared.

My team explained that the intense energetic work that created the fatigue involved bringing changes to increase my energetic frequency or vibration. Once that was finished, and as my body recuperated, then I was able to notice, feel and address the forgotten or missed cords.

Though your experiences may be nothing like mine – and that’s okay – please be aware that you and your body will be going through some changes, Or maybe it has already begun for you.

Some of what might be experienced or heightened in August and September 2017:

– Fatigue.
– Weight changes (increase, decrease, or both).
– Sleep changes, again.
– Vivid dreams and/or nightmares.
– Your forgotten past popping up in the form of memories and/or in person.
– Becoming more sensitive:

  • Foods. Your body will tell you want it does not want. Please listen.
  • Smells, eyesight, hearing, taste and touch may be heightened and over sensitive until your balance/adjust to the changes.

– Begin having telepathic episodes.
– Begin questioning the illusions of 3D reality. This may include getting glimpses of the golden light matrix/grid; seeing or experiencing jumping.
– Less or no tolerance for drama, lying, deceit, manipulating, bullying, etc. directed to you or others.
– Respecting yourself, your boundaries more.
– Desire or drive to get healthier.
– Cry easier. Empathizing more. Feeling others emotions.
– Craving periods of quiet/no sound.
– May have periods of low, or no tolerance for crowds.


Please stay in your body. Ground, shield (if necessary to aid in grounding, centering, setting boundaries) and be present in the now.

If you need more rest, go to bed earlier. Don’t deny yourself the extra needed rest.

Take a walk or sit under a tree. Enjoy nature.



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by Jan Toomer



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