TentaclesThe energy coming through asks, “Is vengeance mine?”

This past week I’ve been waking up with hearing the word “vengeance”, coupled with memories of incidents where harm came to me (as I perceived it at the time of each incident) from another person’s non-action, ill-action and/or self-induced ignorance.

I felt an ego-driven desire to strike back; seek revenge; to send back the energy – for each situation – back to the other person….

…and was then horrified! That is so not Jan-like. I’m no saint, but I do not wish harm to, or on, others. I know that I don’t have the whole picture, or all of the answers, so I ask – and allow – the universe to balance whatever needs balancing.

So I had to dig deep and ask myself why I was having these thoughts and feelings.

As each incident had occurred, I’d had my say and stepped forward…or so I thought.

Apparently my so-called “moved forward” didn’t include cleansing, healing and releasing my initial energetic responses (to each incident) of anger, frustration, etc. at not being heard, followed by having harm come to me.*

My immediate initial energy responses over the years were not-so-delicately shoved into corner and ignored by me. Now they are popping out and demanding their due.

My Resolution

For each incident being brought to my conscious mind and wanting to be released, I’d taken it apart, examined it, questioned it and worked to see a bigger picture.

Next I sent peace and harmony to each incident and asked my memory energy to be cleansed, healed and released. This was followed by asking the universe to bring it all back into balance.

* I take responsibility for my actions/parts; am not whining or seeking pity; am not seeking to play the victim part. I am sharing my past and recent energy experiences and my  thoughts on these.

by Jan Toomer


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