Tired. And Sore. And Hungry.

So many energetic changes going on. Yes, we have the occasional breathers, then we continue on again.

We are off, on, off, on again in many areas of our life.


We crave solitude one moment
And want to be with others the next.

We are craving our sanctuary; our home, garden, etc. where we can have solitude.

And yet we want to be with others.

Some may find it’s the drama, pettiness, greed, selfishness, and other not so pleasant energies/behaviors that we want to withdraw from.

Some people have already begun trimming their relationships. Friends, family members, acquaintances, etc. that are draining, disharmonious, abusive, and the likes are no longer an interest to some and are removing them from their life.


We are so hungry one moment
And don’t want anything the next.

These energy upgrades/shifts do alter us and may take a lot of energy to adapt to for some. We may have cycles of extreme hunger. Then there are times where just the thought of eating something may be nauseating or of no interest.

Two things being asked of us is: to eat clean foods and to listen to our own body as to what is wants and doesn’t want.

Is it time for you to eat healthier?


We have vivid, bizarre, weird, exciting, funny dreams
And then no dreams.

Some have been experiencing some wonderfully vivid dreams which they’ve not had for a very long time.

If a dream sticks with you (doesn’t fade from your memory), and you don’t know what it means, then perhaps you may want to contact a dream interpreter to interpret the dream message.

Not all dreams are necessarily messages. Some are fun dreams; perhaps blowing off steam or being playful.

Some are problem solving dreams. If you hadn’t figured out the dream, again, an interpreter may be of aid.

Closing Out

Past pops in; significant or
Seemingly insignificant.

Many are still, or again, experiencing their past coming around again.

The most pressing unfinished past is usually presented first. Many have already released that, so now are experiencing unfinished past that may appear as inconsequential; however, if it is showing up to be re-addressed and/or released, it had affected you more than you realized – maybe energetically. And that’s okay – it doesn’t need to be a big deal just because it is revisiting.

You’re duty is to decide if you want it/that kind of energy back in your life again or not. That simple.

Once you decide, it either goes away or settles in – depending on your decision. However, making no decision will keep it around as well until you do decide. No decision is still a decision.


We are exhausted…well, no, nothing else.
Just exhausted – physically and/or mentally.

Again, it takes a lot of energy to accept the energy downloads, assimilate and adapt to the new energies being presented. It may require extra sleep or, for those who can, take power naps.

We may have small bouts of feeling energetic.

Individual Magnetic Fields

We are being asked to really get to know ourselves – which is what many of us have been working on – and to keep our energy even and healthy.

As the Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, we need to keep our individual magnetic fields healthy and whole.

How? Some first steps are like we’ve discussed.

  • Know yourself.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Rest and eat healthily.
  • Remove disharmony from your life.

In a nutshell…honor yourself.

by Jan Toomer


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