full-moon-1775764_640Can Ya Feel It Now?

Super Moon 12/14/2016
Mercury Retrograde 12/19/2016

Who will experience it? Everyone, but not everyone will be consciously aware.

  • The forerunners feel the energy shifts up to about two weeks before the event date (so are feeling it now).
  • Some experience it about two or three days before.
  • Some may only feel it the day of the event.

We have massive amounts of energy arriving, daily, on our planet already. This will be intensified by the Super Moon energy, and we’ll have Mercury Retrograde energies as well.

A full moon brings in extra energy which rides in on the gravitational pull. Magnify that immensely for a Super Moon.

The intensity can be uncomfortable for many, regardless if you are consciously aware of the energy shifts or not. This intensity is felt by Mother Earth as well. Remember the Super Moon in November? This was followed by earthquakes.

December’s Super Moon won’t be as strong as the one in November (the moon won’t be as close to Earth for December’s Super Moon), but we – all – will have a boost.

And with Mercury Retrograde* – which asks us to be still and reflect – we will be simmering in the extra energies.

Why Are We Experiencing This?

When a snake sheds its skin, the skin doesn’t just fall away. The old needs help in being released.

Because of our growth – individually, as the human race, and Mother Earth – we are all shedding (at our own pace) and need extra boosts and/or energy assistance to help with the shedding process.

These boosts also help with bringing the unhealthy energies to the surface, to be exposed/seen and dealt with. We are out of balance and it is time to clean up and rebalance.


Deep slow breaths if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Remember, it may feel intense, but we need it to shed the old.

As usual: laughter, grounding, and perhaps meditation-time (or at least Shielding*) to help keep you centered and balanced.

And happy shedding.

Mercury Retrograde: http://www.metaphysical-studies.com/mercury-retrograde/
Shielding Technique: http://www.metaphysical-studies.com/shielding-technique/

by Jan Toomer


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