Do you feel it? Anticipation is building!

Now, during December, empaths feel that anyway…along with hopelessness, despair, excitement, wonder and anything everyone else is feeling during this holiday season. (Empaths – please utilize a shielding technique frequently if needed.)

But there’s also a personal, non-holiday related anticipation. I’m feeling it in my heart and solar plexus. For me, this means my soul is excited – something is gearing up, and changes are coming for “Jan”.

I’ve no conscious clue, except for the sense of getting one step closer to becoming who I really am – my non-physical soul self…

…and this excites the physical part of me.

For any of us, these changes can be subtle, like a slight shift in your thought processes; an epiphany that changes something in your life; or an energetic smack-aside-the-head awakening. *grin*

Do you feel it?

by Jan Toomer


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