Energy Download Symptoms

With each energy surge (download or shift), our physical bodies experience changes – some are temporary, some are permanent.


The temporary symptoms show up as we energetically and physically work on adjusting to and incorporating the new energies.

These can last anywhere from an instant, an hour or two, a week or a month. The time length can depend on such things as: what else you are energetically working on (to release and/or balance); how long it takes you and/or your programming to let the new energies incorporate; physical imbalances (injuries, chronic pain, addictions).

Symptoms can be cyclical. For example, last month’s energy download may have brought: anxiousness, sporadic waves of dizziness, sleeplessness, and/or feeling scattered.

While this month may have brought: body aches, exhaustion, food cravings, head or chest pressure, vivid dreams, etc. And next month may be totally different symptoms, or a mixed bag of symptoms.

This is why many energy Readers try to put out energy updates.


The permanent changes are the result of the new energy/energies settling in and they often enhance you somehow.

It could show up, for example, as: A desire or need to have a cleaner diet; enhanced ability or abilities, clearer energy, making other healthy changes such as releasing toxic relationships, etc.

Energy Symptoms Now

Energy updates usually reflect the most prominent or most reported temporary energy symptoms.


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Yes, for about a month for me. I have wanted my coconut sugar sweetened chocolate. Caffeine usually unpleasantly affects me, but I only had one incident during this chocolate craving for this energy update.

Then one day, without warning, the craving just vanished. No lingering desire. My body was done with it for now.

Protein and Live Clean Foods

Protein and clean live foods are being asked for. Protein to provide the boost or fuel needed to support the energy rise.

Clean live foods are to “feed” the new energy.

Enhanced Sense(s)

For me, my sense of smell was overwhelming. I could smell others emotions: fear, anxiety, excitement, stress, ill-intent, annoyance, etc.

And chemicals on everything.

But it can be any sense or senses that are/were temporarily boosted. And once we get a handle on the boost, it/they will usually fade back a bit. Most of us have the ability to consciously bring that back to the front if there is a need for the heightened sense.

If you’ve not tried that yet, I recommend experimenting.


My body has wanted more sleep over the last few weeks, though I did have two nights of no sleep at all.

More sleep, like more protein, is often needed to help support the integration of the new energies.


This can especially be found in Energy Readers and Mediums.

I connected to do a read on, and communication with, a deceased person. I suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my head – like a drilling into my head.

I disconnected and tried again. Pain again.

I called on my team and asked for help. I was informed, “You’re trying too hard.”

Instead of reaching out for the connection, I gently opened myself to communicate and to “see”. Smooth and effortless.

Our old way of connecting are no longer necessary, nor recommended.

If you get a stabbing sensation (and it’s not health related), don’t try so hard; allow.

Manifestation Quickens

We’ve had our “practice time” – now we step into faster manifestation of what our thoughts contain – for better or worse.
*These articles are based on not having medical issues. When in doubt, have your physician check you out.
Past Energy Updates:

by Jan Toomer


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