Full Moon Disruptions

Most of you know the usual pre- to post-full moon energies and how they can possibly:

– disrupt our normal sleep patterns
– bring bizarre behavior out in people
– exacerbate mental health issues
– bring waves of crankiness or sharp tongued (outside of one’s norm)

And with the increased gravitational pull, we can feel heavier, fuller, antsy, and/or unsettled.

Many sensitives begin feeling the full moon energy approximately one week before the full moon.

Others can experience it anywhere from about three days prior to three days after the full moon. Those who have mental health imbalances can get cranked up during this time.

Really becoming noticeable with May 2017’s full moon energies, some people who seem to be keeping up with the extra energies coming in to help us purge, had some trouble.

During May’s energy download (which coincides with the full moon energy), some experienced unusual-to-them reactions. These ranged from feeling unusually jittery (more so than normal during the full moon energy), to chaffed or annoyed feeling; depression to anger, and some felt rage.*

My experience, and some of those who shared with me, showed a common thread: with these emotions was an underlying, or old, emotion and/or thought. For me, it was a memory of a business deal that didn’t go to well, and the resentment I had for someone trying to take advantage of me and mine.

Some didn’t look, remember or see a memory attached to the sudden onset of unwelcome emotion. That’s okay.

This was a really big push as we keep going deeper and deeper to scrape out all of the ucky emotions, thoughts and energy we crammed down into various crevices within. Whether the cramming was done out of fear, frustration and/or not knowing what else to do with — or about – a situation; or a thought or desire that came about, but was never acted on (only shoved to the side; not dealt with), it was pushed down and needed/needs to be released.

Why am I bringing this up now? May 2017’s full moon and energy download is done and over with.

Yes, but we’ve many more full moons. And the energy downloads riding in on the currents of the full moons will continue. So this is a head’s up notice.


– Be alert and aware of what it around you.
– Remain grounded and balanced. Meditate and/or shield if needed.
– Know that this is temporary and serves to aid us. We can aid the process by staying balanced.
– It’s not happening “to you”. The energy is there “for you”.
– Be patient with self and others.

It took me an hour in May to release this “I am annoyed” energy that I had stuffed and now wanted healing and release. I kept allowing myself to get caught up in the energetic victim role that the memory contained. I finally released it, and was free to move forward, on to the next one.


*If these feelings do not pass, please seek a mental health professional.

by Jan Toomer


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