The Recipe For This Month

A dash of depression, a tad grumpiness and a smidgen of irritability.

All this sprinkled with bouts of happiness, contentment, joy, inner peace.

Mix in a little of feeling like being pulled into many directions and a chance of sniffles or coughs — and you have the recipe for this month.

Remember that this energy that came in with the last full moon is bringing – for some, a hefty — revisit with our past energies, past patterns and past people (or energies similar to some from our past). We are being presented these energies (and/or situations and/or people) from our past, once again asking, “Remember this? Recognize those feelings from your past? Are you going to allow those energies (people/situations) to trigger or control you? Do you want these triggers back in your life? Whatchya’ gonna to do about it?”

But Wait! There’s More!

As we work our way through that, we also have: electronic disruptions; feeling overwhelmed see-sawing with feeling quite focused; and a feeling that others want more from you than what you really want to – or can – give out right now (not being selfish or lazy, just trying to get your own ducks in a row, so-to-speak).

And while working through all of what was just mentioned, and a possible short breather reprieve, we are going to have a second full moon in January on the 31st. This means, if true to past patterns, that some people will feel the new energies coming in beginning anywhere from January 26th to January 31st. It will be yet another boost – another call – for us to help us dig deep and make decisions on what we will and will not allow in our life.


Shielding – which helps with grounding, focusing, cleansing your energy.

Laughter – always brings your energy up.

Me time – try to find some me-time, also known as alone time.

Make decisions – on what you will and will not allow in your life. If there seem to be just too many coming at you, pick one at a time, focus on it and how it makes you feel, and ask yourself, “Is this harmonious to me? Is it healthy for me?” If the answer is no, then consciously declare that you no longer want that in your life. Then move to the next one that is asking for an answer from you. Baby steps…one at a time.

by Jan Toomer


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