Setting the Tone for 2018

The intensive pace, energetically, we’ve been experiencing is calming down a bit today. It is providing us with an opportunity to be able to enter a calm space within to work on our individual tomorrows.

We are being asked to think about, bring to clarity, and manifest our 2018.

Think About It

Energetically, what do you want to release that no longer benefits you? Of course, it’s your choice…you don’t have to let anything go; you can drag it behind you for as long as you like.

What energy are you no longer willing to allow in your space? Are you ready to release – from yourself and/or others — greed, manipulation, drama, hostility, anger, superiority, or disrespect from your space?

What are you willing to allow, from self and from others, energy-wise into your space? Love, harmony, balance, support?

Bring Clarity

After you’ve decided what you will and will not allow, it’s then time to bring it into focus and set your boundaries.

What visualization or exercise can you use to help with focusing your intent and setting your boundaries? I offer one exercise below if you don’t know of any.

Think of yourself as a dot inside of a circle. Everything you are willing to allow in your space goes inside the circle with you. The circle outline represents the boundary line. Everything you will not allow is placed outside of the circle.

You have now set your intent and your boundaries. You’re free to add, remove, expand, alter anytime you want.

You may occasionally be presented opportunities to see if you’d like new energy “labels” placed inside or outside of your circle. Perhaps someone shows you compassion and you want that added to the inside of your circle. It’s your circle, you can add anything at anytime.

What if you come across someone whose energy feels slimy or oily and you don’t like it or want it? You can add that energy-feeling to the outside of your circle, stating you do not want that energy type in your space.

Your circle is totally customizable for you, by you.

Manifest It

When you are comfortable with your first version, imagine it being handed to the Universe. The Universe is bound, by the law of Free Will, to make it happen. The only things that can overrule any part of it are: your unwillingness to let the Universe have it to manifest; and/or your soul plan.

Remember, you can alter it anytime you want.

The Universe may ask you, “Do you really want {blank} inside or outside of your circle?”, and it may provide you an example in your life. It’s okay to reiterate, “No! This {blank} kind or feel of energy is not allowed in my space!”

Setting the Tone for 2018

All of this is to set the tone for 2018. Is everything going to go so smooth, without any bumps from here on out?

No. We are here to experience life as a human; to learn to program ourselves as creators in human form; and to aid others on their journey. Of course they’ll be some bumps. How boring would life be without the spice of experiences? We can learn and grow (“What good can I take from that experience?”), adding new skills, insights and understandings to our “toolbox”, keep moving forward on our path, and responsibly assist others where and when we can.

I wish you all balance, harmony and happy-creating for 2018.

by Jan Toomer


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