Under-ConstructionWe are beginning to emerge from the latest “I am so danged tired” phase.

This most recent round of energy shifts lasted – off and on – for approximately four weeks. Four weeks of either waking up tired or having lively energy…up until about breakfast.

Weeks of feeling like moving through cold molasses; wanting to close your eyes just for a moment, or wanting to just sit in a quiet corner reading a book.

Sometimes it may feel like a deep – soul deep – exhaustion; so deep it seems as though it affects us on a cellular level.

Working to Heal

Have you ever had a bug or illness and you just didn’t have energy to do anything but sit or sleep?

Your body was working overtime to fight off the imbalance and work to restore harmony within. In other words, it was working to heal.

Over the last few years, we have been working on cleansing, releasing and healing our physical, emotional and spiritual selves – for all of our lifetimes.

This is taxing work. I’m not saying we can’t do it; we’ve been proving for years that we can, but it can be, and is, exhausting.

Not only are we working on healing ourselves — past, present and future (remember, time is not linear) – but we are changing our energy bodies and our physical body, from carbon based to crystalline.

All of this is part of our soul growth and movement away from the heavy and dense third dimensional energy. We are changing and adapting to the newer energies; an ongoing process.

We are a work in progress. We are under construction.

And, for those who just experienced their latest shift, will now enter a little breather time.

We will feel not as tired and perhaps feel a little lighter.

Remember, not everyone experiences this at the same time (or may not experience it the way I have described) – we, globally, take turns.

by Jan Toomer


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