Wow! What an intense ride it has been.

We had one heck of an energy download (or shift) tied to this last full moon, then the summer solstice – both of which amp up energies by themselves. But we had both events combined along with solar flares and with Mercury Retrograde. Whew!

Experiences this past weekend ranged from an almost euphoric feeling, to lots of energy in the body, to crying, to feeling ill…purging. Yep, it ran the whole gamut.

What a ride indeed!

We all just got booted up a bit – meaning we got a swift kick in the rear (in a nice way!) to bring us to a new energy level.

Many are beginning to feel (if they hadn’t already this week) lighter, being able to focus better and feeling the hope for Earth and its inhabitants.

And this should continue along with us jumping forward even more after Mercury goes direct after July 2nd.

Many of us have had the feeling that something bit is coming; something we’ve been waiting for.

Well, we just got a jolt of energy this past weekend…so next comes being able to move forward. And this just may be presented with a sense of being catapulted forward.

What’s coming up when Mercury goes direct? New beginnings, new possibilities, new awareness.

We have seen the old – and no longer serving us – stuff fall away from us… and all of that has been in preparation for allowing the new in.

How exciting – new adventures await us!

by Jan Toomer


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