Change and Release

As we gear up for this next full moon, some are still working to rebalance from the last big energy download.

Quite a few have experienced – or are now experiencing*:

– Unexplained weight gain (coming on quickly and without any personal habit changes).
– Blood sugar getting a bit wonky.
– Sleep disruptions or sleeping about one half of the night.
– Possible blood pressure fluctuations (which are not normal for you).
– Inundated by fears and/or anger.
– Appetite fluctuations.
– Possible changes in metabolism.
– Abdominal bloating.
– Food and/or odor intolerance.
– Lethargy and/or exhaustion.
– Nostalgic and/or revisiting past experiences.

The keywords are “change” and “release”. There are energetic adjustments and re-calibrations happening in us, as well as us receiving more energy pushes to dredge up stuff that we need to release.


– Patience. Be gentle with yourself.
– Allow your body to adjust.
– Shielding or other gentle balancing and grounding activities.
– Ask your team/guides to make the adjustments happen gently.

I Rode this Wave

As I come out of this wave, I am experiencing more clarity (lethargy is disappearing), and more energy – and am enjoying it!

*(Baring any health conditions. Please seek medical assistance if needed.)

By Jan Toomer


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