What A Ride!

Cranky, irritable, jittery – all building, building, building, then…


A sweet and somewhat confusing (like in an almost-too-good-to-be-true kind of a way) inner peace; soothed down to our core…

…which moved into an unsettled feeling, followed by a I’m-having-problems-with-gravity period.

  • Feeling drunk or woozy – or maybe like you have an inner ear problem.
  • Listing to one side – so far, I’ve only heard about the right side being affected, but it may possibly affect some people on the left.
  • Depth perception a bit off – those dang walls just kept jumping into my path!

A few days of getting re-acquainted with gravity, and then moved into a calming period.

Energy manipulation/work appears to be more graceful and even more natural. It never felt strained to me before, but it is even better now.

A smooth, yet stronger, presence of self.Light Embrace


Hubby complained that work was a bit too quiet his last two business days – though prior to that was chaos and frustration. He felt it may be the calm-before-the-storm.

I told him to enjoy it right now. This is our adjustment time; our downtime, and can be used for catch-up work.

Making a Decision

This is not the calm before the storm. This is about making the choice as to whether or not to leave the storm behind and stay in the calm.

This period is also for each of us to make a decision. Are we going to continue in the mucky-muck of the drama and victim energies, or will we step into our 4th and 5th dimensional self, leaving the mucky-muck behind?

Each individual’s thoughts and fears are what’s going to dictate their next step. Step back into the storm? Or, move forward in calm, centeredness, and closer to true self?

This time is just a small taste of who and what we each really are. I, for one, am enjoying and reveling in it.


For those who can’t quite seem to get back into their body, visual/tell self to re-align. One exercise is to visual/say:

Head to head, neck to neck, shoulders to shoulder, arms to arms, hands to hands, torso to torso, legs to legs, feet to feet, fingers to fingers and toes to toes.


Not everyone goes through the changes at the same time; we do it in waves, and some may not experience it the way I describe – and that’s okay.

by Jan Toomer


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