A Big Push

The full moon energy download was intense. Some experienced sleep disruptions (raising my hand here) as well as:

– Vacillating emotions. This was due to the massive energy push to aid us in releasing or purging (no surprises there), while also providing us with moments of decisiveness, nervousness, sorrow, elation, clarity and confusion.

– Encouraging us to go within and to work out what we want to release and what it is we individually want.

– Exposing those who’d not kept up (for whatever reason) with the energy updates. This usually presents itself in people in forms, and degrees, of bizarre, scare, erratic and/or horrific behaviors.

This week is about movement – putting into action what you’ve been working on.

Firming up ideas which you’ve been entertaining or dabbling with and are ready to take steps to make it happen.

So last week was kind of like cleaning up the work space while this week is prepping the work space and beginning to flesh out and work on this idea.

This is leading us to the actual, physical creation of that idea or those ideas, which will be ready to come to fruition.

Some may find, with their more defined clarity, that this week may feel like things are moving forward quickly. Hold on to the clarity and ride the fast wave!

by Jan Toomer


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