• Anxiety
  • Panic Attack
  • Rapid Heartbeat

This is what some have been experiencing*. Each incident can be as unique as each individual.


  • A spontaneous memory from your past. A person or topic re-surfacing, which may have been associated with an unresolved incident. (Yeah, I know, again or still.)
  • A fear, or uncertainty, that popped in – even briefly – and is now wanting to be addressed/healed and released.
  • Your body reacting when you unwittingly picked up on – or tuned into – someone else’s anxiety.
  • Reacting to an upcoming event – perhaps a mass exodus event (such as a plane crash), or Earth incident (such as volcanic activity or earthquake).
  • You may not even know why this was triggered.

This energy coming through is aiding us in digging even deeper, pulling up and giving us an extra oomph to release, release, release.

This energy is also asking us to pay closer attention to self.

I took the opportunity to “people watch” as the room began filling up with people. I wasn’t really thinking of anything; just observing.

I realized my heart was speeding up. Knowing that, for me, allergies or asthma can cause this reaction in my body, I did an internal check. All good. I didn’t eat or drink anything to trigger this, and my lungs were good.

I wasn’t thinking of anything to cause this; no spontaneous memories; no stress thoughts.

Nothing seemed to be in distress, yet my heart continued to race.

I turned my attention to the room, and found what I was seeking. Several people were broadcasting displeasure, fear, anxiousness and/or uncertainty.

I acknowledged within me where this was coming from, and released it from my body.

Why is This Happening?

I believe that as we become more tuned into – or aware of – energy, we become more sensitive to energy around us, including someone else’s energy.

I also feel our bodies are working to teach us to become more aware of them (our bodies), all while we are learning to pay attention to, and direct, our thoughts.


I recommend if you are able to concentrate, to look within and take stock.

Is it yours? Is it a reaction to something you ate or drank? Are you physically okay, or do you need to seek medical attention?

After those are addres

sed, perhaps next would be seeking any memories that may have popped in, maybe barely noticed by you consciously. Or perhaps any thoughts or topics that passed through that re-called stressed.

Did you pick up on someone else’s anxiety, fear, concerns?

By taking inventory of self, and asking self questions, you can learn more about self and the body you own and inhabit.

(*Aside from any medical issues.)

by Jan Toomer

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