Coming to Light

other-worldlyLiving in a fishbowl.
Someone dropped in an eel.
The eel builds it charge – making the
environment super-charged.
I wait for the explosion from the
Release of the energy build up.

This, to me, is what the last few days felt like; and it wasn’t a comfortable feeling. Yesterday seemed to be the pinnacle of the build up.

What’s Going On?

Oh, so very much. Just because you aren’t seeing it or hearing all of it on the news, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and the world is in peace.

We are feeling the anxiety, fear, frustration and the “I’ve-had-enough” building across the world.

Remember the message that chaos is losing? Well, it’s not going down without a fight.


The people are beginning to stand up against corruption, violence, lies, greed, mass manipulations and control, etc.

“Why isn’t it on the news?” So you (each individual, anywhere) don’t “get any ideas”.

United States

Add to all of this:

  • The presidential election: the drama, lies, misdirections, etc. involved in and around it; including NBC’s pre-releasing Hillary’s victory for an election that hasn’t even happened yet. (How is America going to believe the “results” after the election now?)
  • Warmongering – war being instigated and fueled — to bring us to civil war via fragmentation and/or isolation (which, by the way, if this happens, then the government can institute martial law…more control) – pitting groups against one another: race, ethnicity, job/career (such as police, armed services members), religious beliefs, political views, and so on.
  • The fight for human’s rights to live – one example is the Dakota Pipeline.

And energetically, we are feeling this unrest, these imbalances and more.

Las Cruces

Las Crucians can add the last two days of low grade assault on our ears, feeling sand-blasted (both physically and energetically) and the energetically charged air from the unrelenting strong winds.

Yeah, people are cranky, irritable, uneasy, out-of-sorts and/or experiencing varying degrees of imbalance.

Feeling Overwhelmed

And while all of this is going on, we – individuals – are working on releasing more of our past, with a heavy focus on perceived wrongs against us, and wrongs we’ve done to others.

The truth coming to light may not be comfortable, but it should be comforting to know it is happening.

I know it can feel overwhelming, but I ask to always walk in your light. Chaos is trying to maintain control, and it only fights because it is losing; a sinking ship.


You are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of self.

Laughter – always, is a great booster.

It’s not being callused about the suffering and struggles of the world, but it is a great energetic booster before going back in.

Shielding – a focusing, centering, balancing, setting boundaries visualization exercise.

Grounding – walking, gardening, etc. Physical activities that work for you.

Find the Positive – if nothing else, find one positive something from your day.

Hold Your Light – on a higher level, we know how everything might go when we came here at this time in human revolution and evolution.

Have faith in your Creator/Source, your Higher Self, and your team.

And having faith doesn’t mean you won’t have your own ups and downs. Having faith means you know that it is temporary, it has purpose, and you’ll come out the other side.

by Jan Toomer


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