Keywords and phrases:

  • Anxiety, anxiousness
  • Feels like something’s coming; feel something building
  • Jittery, restless
  • Drifting
  • Unfocused
  • Sleep pattern disruptions
  • Exhaustion
  • Weird “symptoms” (where doctors cannot find the cause)

Just as we have been shaken up to release our energetic sludge; just as we are healing and releasing imbalances and blockages from this – and all other lifetimes – so too is Mother Earth.

I imagine you’ve heard by now about the multiple volcanoes spewing ash? Mother Earth is purging the heavier energies from herself as well.

We are all experiencing (and making adjustments within our bodies to):

– Energy downloads and upgrades
– Our own purging, including facing our fears and things that irk us
– The energy adjustments of working towards a crystalline structure (from a carbon-based one)
– Increased energy sensitivity in preparation for (with some already experiencing) telepathy, instant thought to form manifestation, etc.

Plus, we are sensing (or feeling) others energy as they go through their purging as well as sensing (feeling) those who are not adapting and/or adjusting to the energies (more on this momentarily).

And, on top of all this, we are also sensing, feeling and/or experiencing Mother Earth’s energy as she goes through the same stuff!

I know it sounds overwhelming – and for some it is.

Fear, Fear, Everywhere

Many are witnessing and possibly experiencing those who are not adapting to the energy changes. These people may completely short circuit. They may commit odd, random, or bizarre acts.

Instead of adjusting to the energies, some may lose touch completely – either short term or permanently.

Many are releasing and/or acting out their fears (which kind of magnifies them, because others will play into it as well, and then we have a domino effect). This is why we are seeing surges of victimization roles, prejudices, etc. (all the negative stuff).

My hope is to reach people before they short circuit; to let people know that they aren’t alone in this spiritual shedding of the old. To let people know that your thoughts really are becoming your reality.

My Personal Mantra Right Now

Shield, focus, center, hold the light, and ground, ground, ground.


And repeat as necessary.

Please do not move into fear. Instead, move into faith. Faith that your Creator, higher self, and team knows the big picture and totally has your back.

Hold faith. Hold light.

by Jan Toomer


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