by Peter Perkins

For those of you who know me, I am now teaching metaphysical classes and one of the topics that came up was fear. I have always had a lot to say on this subject even though I didn’t realize my passion for it, or how to deal with it until then.

Fear is one of the most limiting emotions we can have because it paralyzes and prevents us from evolving, and living life the way it was meant to be.

Fears often start off small and are triggered by some childhood trauma or even something carried over from a past life. A fear ignored does not remove it, even if you feel safer by avoiding your fears you will find that doing so does not lessen that fear at all.

Some fears are simply fears of the unknown. An example would be: A peaceful little town tucked beside a large hill. The towns’ people never went over the hill for fear of what might be over there. There is no reason for this fear but it keeps the people of this town from ever exploring in that direction and thus stifles the growth of an entire town. It might even be that more friendly people live on the other side of that hill, or perhaps rich farming grounds. Until the people are willing to face that fear of the unknown and take a peek over that hill, they are trapped as much as any prisoner. In this case though the bars of their cell are of their own making.

Fear is also something that grows when one focuses on it. Retreating from fear will never make it go away as it simply gains ground. A simple fear of something can turn into a phobia if given enough energy.

So what can one do to help remove fear in their life? Fear surprisingly is a coward easily defeated. While fear will gladly rise up to dominate your life you can chose to face your fears and in so doing lessen them or even remove them altogether.

I am not saying that if you have a fear of rattle snakes to stick your hand in a rattler nest. If you have a fear of heights I wouldn’t advise going sky diving as your first step either.

Still one can educate oneself about a fear. Learning about a subject you fear may be hard at first, but doing so will help you understand the subject not as some abstract thing, but the truer points of what to be concerned about.

So someone with a fear of snakes could learn what parts of the country they are in. What poisonous ones look like, and even advice on how to deal with them if encountered in the wild.

Someone with a fear of heights could through small steps learn to face that fear. There are many resources out there for facing fears but you need to take that first step.

I ask that you take that first step. Face your fears and see that they become smaller and less significant as you do. In order to expand and grow and overcome it is important to face your fears, by doing so you live in an ever expanding universe.

It is a good thing the beings of light, which we all are, didn’t say “No way! I heard about that earth place. I’m not going there, it’s scary!” Instead we all looked at it as a chance to grow and expand and said “Bring it on!”

Grab unto that heritage, look at your life and say “Bring it on!”

Remember fears can be as much a bane for a society or our entire species as it can an individual. Right now a great deal of fear is being promoted by the media concerning Muslims.

While it is easy to get trapped in this fear one can research and learn and open up to new experiences that were limited through this fear. Can we afford to let a fear paralyze a whole society?

As many of you know spiritually we are not alone in the universe. Imagine how many great things can be learned, experienced and what new growth could be gained from such a thing. Yet if we live in fear as a people, it is like a hermit fearing to leave his home.

While we can’t drag others out of their fears, we can make those first bold moves in facing our fears and in so doing perhaps motivate others to do so as well.

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