Jan. 5, 2011

by Jan Toomer

Dreams are increasing; I am getting restless, but sleeping deeply.

The world is becoming unsettled…not understanding (the beginning) of the mass exoduses occurring worldwide.

Many feel their governments are hiding the causes of this mass exodus – I feel the government, through conventional means, has no answers as to why this is happening.

The whales had warned of this (though I thought they meant they would leave first) – humans will see this soon in the oceans as well.

The animals are leaving to force humans upwards (energy-wise) – to help awaken our masses – but humans are…showing on the surface, curiosity in passing – inside, deep, they fear – they block their higher selves voices from coming through – they are afraid to consciously listen and acknowledge.

Today I got agitated that people do not hear me…I have provided steps for people to aid in their growth – but then they come and ask me what they need to do.

(Yes, I am human and have my own cranky moments – *grin*).


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