by Liz Cook

I read many posts from different people on Face book this morning and though most were wishing good cheer for the New Year, there were many that were glad to be done with 2013. I sat pondering what these people must have been feeling that they would feel so bad about the previous year, not to mention the imbalance it causes, and only attracts more of the same for the next year. These statements were obviously coming from a place of fear. Immediately, I heard a voice almost screaming at me to remember that it is all about the journey, not the destination. I am certain that this is an important message as we begin 2014.

Anyone reading this knows that we are living at a much higher vibration now. It is imperative that we live in love and not fear. It is impossible to be both at the same time. This is the foundation for all the work that’s ahead for us as Light Workers. It’s a choice that we all have to make and we have to guard that choice. We do so by being aware of every thought and every choice we make every step of every day. We have to constantly be mindful and make the necessary corrections so we don’t slip into fear.  If we do this, in a very short period of time, we become the being of light that we are and it becomes us. This is when miracles happen. When our journey is one of love, there is no fear. When our journey is one of love, we see everything differently.  When our journey is one of love, all things are possible and we realize the powerful spiritual beings that we are.

What an exciting time to be alive! It gives instant gratification a whole new meaning!  As light workers, it’s our job to be witnesses of light through unconditional love, so that we may assist all of creation to fully prosper. We are beings of love, not fear.

People that have near death experiences say that there are no words to describe how beautiful and amazing life is in the higher dimensions. Most that have experienced this also say that we don’t have to have a near death experience to know it right now. I couldn’t agree more.

The earth is alive! The sky is alive and the clouds speak! Every creature that walks or flies does so in God’s perfect harmony and guides us along our path. It leaves me feeling in awe of how important we are and how much we are loved. To choose love over fear is to walk in the higher dimensions’ of the divine.  You really can experience heaven on earth. When we come from love, change is instant.

When I stated that I pondered what the people that made the statement “good riddance 2013” felt, I had to send them light because every hard experience is an opportunity for growth. When we make that switch to love, we understand the bigger picture and know that all is well.

This is our time to shine. Mother Earth needs all the love we can offer. My sincere wish to everyone reading this is that you allow your light to shine in 2014. May you experience the pure joy of your journey and that it is of love.

Love and Light

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