Release it. All of it.

Pain, separation, frustration, anxiety, hostility, selfishness, greed, panic, despair, distress, racism, persecution, judgment, disrespect, hate, demoralization, condescension, guilt, envy, jealousy, shame, sadness, doubt, bitterness, anger, exclusion, helplessness, rejection, sorrow, worthlessness, etc.

These, and more, are based purely in fear; they are just other names for fear. And whether you feel and/or perpetuate any of these, or you try to make someone else feel any of these…let me remind you. We are One.

You are each person you encounter, directly or indirectly, and you are harming yourself when you harm another…because it is you – a part of you – that you are striking out at in fear. Also, we are all connected.

So, every time you interact, every time you open your mouth – I challenge you to ask yourself, “Is this something I would say to my loved one?” Your:

  • Child
  • Mother or father
  • Grandchild
  • Spouse/significant other
  • Grandmother or aunt
  • Your clergy (wo)man
  • Any other loved one

If your answer gives you pause, or you know you wouldn’t say or do that to any loved one, then don’t say or do that to anyone else.

And if you wouldn’t want it said or done to you – don’t do it to someone else.

And yes, animals are included in the “someone else” category.

Only say and do what you wouldn’t mind being said or done to you.

Move away from being or feeding fear, and move into the love energy. Let the many faces of fear leave you and your reality. You have the power.

by Jan Toomer


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