Individualism versus ONE

Isn’t the concept of “we are all ONE” contradictory with “each individual is responsible for their own thoughts, actions and words”?


Before we took our current body, or any body in any lifetime, we understood that we would forget our connection to all…ONE. No trickery, deceit or hidden information; we knew what we were getting into.

We each agreed that we would experience the illusions of separation, isolation, abandonment, singularity and individualistic lifetimes. Some call it having a Veil of Forgetfulness.

We agreed that we would each – while enjoying a tactile life – work towards re-discovering our connection to all; to Source. To find our way back to wholeness, connectedness and ONE by going within.

In the meantime, we each created experiences and challenges that we designed to provide us opportunities to gain different perceptions, views and understandings to help guide us back to, and reconnect with, our wholeness while in a physical body.

And one of these challenges that we set up for ourselves is that we each have to accept responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions.

We forgot that we are all ONE and that our thoughts, actions and words affect the whole; all; everyone; ONE.

So, no. The two concepts, on an energetic level do not conflict.

By each of us accepting responsibility for our own thoughts, actions and words, we aid ourselves in our goal to move past those illusions, and grow beyond the feelings of what we have been learning about separatism, whether it be snobbery, racism, greed, egotism, elitism, bigotry; and anything else that perpetuates the illusion of disconnect from ONE.

We Are One:
If Your Answer Gives You Pause:

by Jan Toomer


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