I have fired my pharmacist before.

My doctor and I had agreed to one prescription for asthma medicine with no refills. This way we could monitor my usage. When I was close to finishing the spray, I was to contact her so we could see how I was doing.

Then I caught my pharmacist lying to my face.

The pharmacist contacted my doctor’s office, telling them I requested a refill every thirty days.

When I confronted the pharmacist, he smiled indulgently and informed me that he was refilling this prescription at my doctor’s request.

Caught red-handed.

Called him on it.

Fired him.


Seriously? Who thought this potential torture device up?

At 35 I went for my baseline mammogram.

The technician told me that to let her know when it was too painful and she’d stop.

When she began, I let it go until I reached the point of white dots speckling my vision. I told her to stop.

The compression stopped.

Then I watched as an odd smile crept across her lips. She reached over and hit the button…the compression continued.

I yelled, “Stop!”

She stopped the compression again, said, “Excuse me. I’ll be back,” and left the room.

When I was released, I marched up to the front desk said I wanted to file a complaint, or file charges, against the tech.

I was told that they’ve never had a complaint against her all these years. I was promptly dismissed as she walked off.

A medical facility…what happened to “Do no harm”?

There are alternatives that do not create pain. Please seek alternative screenings.


I am not sharing these with you to be pitied or remain in a victim role. I experienced these and had a decision to make – and continue to have decisions to make daily.

I am not some wilting flower; my skin is pretty thick. But lying; treating someone with disdain, derision or disrespect; bullying or terrorizing someone, myself included, is no longer acceptable to me. Period.

I no longer allow someone to dismiss my concerns.

I no longer pay to be assaulted, bullied or terrorized by anyone.

And by no longer paying for those “services”, I no longer support them. I seek acceptable alternatives.

And I know I cannot be the only person that has had these types of experiences. Just pasting harsh words on social media will not change what’s going on. For every one that posts it, how many more quietly suffered?

I am held responsible for my actions, words and deeds. How are they getting away with it?


You don’t complain, protest, etc. in person…and that is what they are counting on. The are relying on you be apathetic. They want you to believe they have the right to do this, and that this is normal. It is not normal, it is not okay.

Abuse against the John and Jane Public has escalated over the years…what will it escalate to next?

What more are you willing to allow to be thrown at you? What more are you wiling to pay for? What more are you allowing?

If enough people quit paying those kinds of pay-for-pain services (mental/emotional and/or physical), or refuse to work in those environments, the industries involved will be forced to make positive changes.

I do, however, praise the positive experiences. I will thank the person for making it a pleasant experience (be it at the grocery store, doctors office, etc.) and maybe contact their supervisor to let them know that Susie Q made my experience a positive one.

Reward/support the positive; discourage/deny support of the negative behaviors.

I recommend you take a good look at your life and what you are allowing, then make the appropriate positive changes to reflect healthier mental and physical choices in your life.

You have the right. It’s your choice.

And maybe learn about your rights. You can start by becoming familiar with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and your local laws.

Feel free to share this — let’s get the word spread. It’s time to make different choices.

Part One

by Jan Toomer


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