A large number of people are beginning to feel this most recent shift. A change is in the air.

We have made some large strides towards:
Let the truth be known
Let the truth be shown

Globally; locally and individually.

So much is coming to light. Bold face lies and deceptions are being forced from the shadows and from the recesses of denial; stripped naked and made to stand exposed for all to see. No more questions or doubts. The only way to deny is to put the blinders back on…and the Universe is conspiring to remove and delete all blinders.

This goes for everyone. And it goes for every type of relationship as well. No one – be they government, company, household or individual – is exempt.

Your Choice

You can be disgusted and repulsed by the:

  • greed
  • lies
  • harm committed behind closed doors
  • power and control hungry
  • stealing, raping and destruction of Earth

You can be excited and happy about finally seeing the light forcing the negative and imbalanced to the surface.

You can acknowledge both, or you can immerse yourself in either; let one or the other fill you. Your choice. It’s always been your choice.

A Larger Scale

Just like the purging we’ve been individually experiencing, we are now purging on a larger scale…as a race. The human race.

Reap What You Sow

It’s time to “pay the piper”; to reap what we have sown…for better or worse.

It’s time to stop the hatred, entitlement, superiority, killing, terrorizing, racism, and finger-pointing.

It’s time to accept responsibility as the human race – all of us…together.

There will be ups and downs, especially for the next few months. Hold your light. Just think of the bumps as growing pains…we are able to outgrow them.

My Choice

I choose to be excited; to shine the light brighter, and shine it deep into the shadows.

Let the truth be known
Let the truth be shown

by Jan Toomer



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