Shadow People are the blacker than black silhouettes some have seen in their homes. They are different than the black shadow-like forms of ghosts.

Shadow People are reported to:

  • be very tall
  • be fearless
  • be blacker than black
  • step out from and retreat back into the night shadow
  • be seen leaning over someone in bed or standing in a corner
  • not care that they have been seen
  • incite pure fear
  • (some) wear hats and/or long coats
  • not have an energy signature like other beings

I would like to address some questions I have received from others about Shadow People; observations I have and later in this article, I’ll share some answers I received from the other side pertaining to Shadow People. These are my paranormal experiences, understanding and interpretations.

Why won’t most energy workers, mediums, etc. remove the Shadow People?

Mainly because they don’t know how. Regular house cleansings, blessings, smudging, etc. does not remove Shadow People. As a matter of fact, they don’t seem bothered by it at all.

For me personally, I often wait to see what happens after a property cleansing because when a house owner tells me that they have Shadow People, I am not sure if I am seeing ghosts (and not Shadow People) through the property owners own perceptions and fears, or if we are dealing with real Shadow People.

After a property has been cleansed, cleared, blessed, etc. and the property owners continue to see Shadow People, then it’s time to address those.

Many energy workers fear them; a fear often based on their own personal experiences, which usually (but not always) begin in childhood. The Shadow People perpetuate fear to consume more energy.

Now I would like to get into the dialoging I had with my team about Shadow People, in a Q&A format.

Q. Who are they?

A. A race of beings from a lower frequency that is closely related to Earth’s third dimensional energy. They are not human-shaped as their illusions have you believe. They discovered the shape they take can add to the human’s fear energy.

Q. Why are they here?

A. Their sustenance is energy and/or life force. They have forgotten their connection to Source, so have forgotten Source would feed them directly. They seek out very bright (energy-wise) children and attach themselves and have no problems perpetuating fear to keep the energy high.

They also attach themselves to any age humans with high energy output – long term fear, hopelessness, strong long lasting grief, hate, etc. These are like gourmet food to them.

They think of humans as humans think of cows; they believe humans are put here for their consumption, as their food source.

They are proficient at blending into the shadows, and jumping into Earth’s dimensions (third and lower fourth dimensions).

And they have no qualms about draining a human completely dry – which can lead to death.

Q. Are they demons?

A. No. Demons and Shadow People are two different types of beings.

They are alike only in that both have forgotten their connection to Light/Source, and both strive to perpetuate negativity (for different reasons).

Q. How can one break the parasitic connection?

A. Faith. Belief in that your word is law. The banishing you have been doing works, as you have found.

But remember, if a human craves that connection – even if they know it wasn’t healthy, it can feel like a loss — they can re-establish a connection with the Shadow People, inviting them back in.

by Jan Toomer


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