Though I write of my perceptions and experiences, we are all multi-dimensional beings.

But then again, aren’t we all one?

_ _

I see what stories are made of: science fiction characters come to life; fears become reality; impossible dreams no longer unobtainable.

I’ve seen the fabric between dimensions ripped open, letting loose the unknown into the neighborhood.

I see what wantslate-stage-1431760_640 to remain hidden in the shadows.

I can feel others emotions are sharply as my own.

I hear the echoes of yesteryear’s pains cry out.

I walk others dreams when they seek aid.

I see a myriad of possibilities of where the next moment could go.

Yet, as I enter another spiritual growth spurt, I can’t imagine what wonders will enter my life next…or who I will become.

I used to know…now I only have questions. The more I discover self, the less I know.

My I Am struggles with my physical in this world…knowing, yet clueless.

In waves, I am made and unmade.

So this next adventure in self-discovery – though I may sometimes feel I am all alone – we are all one.

We are all in this together.

I wish us a fantastic journey.

by Jan Toomer


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