Peter wrote about how we are filled with thoughts that are constantly bombarding us in every moment, and how residual we are in getting through the trials that life offers, much of I might add, are brought on by greed and corruption that are imposed on innocent people. The article, by the way, is excellent.

Jan wrote about a wonderful message that she received in a reading that the shift has happened and how beautiful it really is. I have no doubt that this is true, however, isn’t that divine intervention at work?

I am going to push a few buttons if I may. It is something that I seldom read anything about.  It’s something that I sincerely want to understand for my own growth.

I would honestly like to know why an enlightened person, one who has committed their life to be of service to humanity and all creation as great teaches of our time, find it necessary to charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for a week end work shop?

Many seem to have found keys, that open doors  that have  tremendous affects on humanity and our outcome as we enter the new age. Many of these teachers have the ability change lives, sometimes instantly.

In my research, the one thing that remains consistent is the compassion to leave no one behind. It’s the intent that is driven by love that heals and offers us the opportunity to ascend.

The majority of the people on this planet are hard working honest people that are doing everything in their power just to put food on their table. These are the ones of pure heart. I am sure they would appreciate the hope they could receive from attending one of these high dollar workshops.

It seems to me that it’s time to stop the insanity. It’s time to realize that we are all in this together. When I see someone in need I help them. They get better and can contribute to the whole in a more positive way. I don’t charge them $395 or $5500 for my help, however, I might charge them $10 for my book that teaches them to pass on the gift they received. Seems like a win- win situation.

Liz Cook

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