• Yesterday’s choice of clothes
  • What you had for dinner last night
  • Your favorite trip or place to visit


As you recall these, you are visiting, or recalling your memories.

We have fun memories as well as happy, sad, loving, fearful, etc. Some we like re-visiting, some we don’t. We are chockfull of memories.

But are memories relegated to the past only?

We were taught that time is linear.

Before — Now — Later
Past — Present — Future

But time is not linear. Linear representation was created for third dimensional living. Einstein said that “…the dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion.”

All time is happening now. Your “past” lives are running concurrently with your “present” life as well as with your “future” lives. They are all happening now.

If memories are of the past –
But past is also now…what
Does that mean for our futures?

Memories of Tomorrow

It means we also have memories of tomorrow.

Yeah, step away from the linear time line. Think this through for a moment…I’ll wait.

In this lifetime, we are being given access to our past lifetimes memories…and… you got it… future lifetime memories.

Your déjà vu’s aren’t just from this lifetime and past lives…these flashes or memories can be from your future lives as well.

Since it’s all happening now, we have memories of it all…now.

What memories do you have of tomorrow?


by Jan Toomer


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