As we work to open up and perceive beyond the physical, we can have Metaphysical Growth Spurts (MGS).

One student asked if things could appear brighter. My response was, “Absolutely!”

For example: when viewing plant life, most view it with third dimension eyesight. You see green leaves, stems, etc. and perhaps pretty flowers in a myriad of colors.

As you practice expanding perception, to include energy, you may catch glimpses of the energy from the plant in addition to the third dimension view – making the plant appear brighter, more vibrant and perhaps seem to have more depth than previously noticed…and it does!

For most, MGS are transient or temporary, and it can involve any of the physical senses – smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight.

It’s like one sense (or more) is temporarily heightened, allowing us an opportunity to (a) get a feeling of what we are able to do with our senses, and (b) in some cases, teach ourselves how to turn the ‘volume knob’ – or these senses – up and down and learn to control them.

The first time it happened to me, I found it unnerving and a bit unsettling. Then I moved into “This is cool!”, followed by, “Okay, I need to turn the volume down, or learn how to control this.”

Now, when I hit a MGS, I am aware of what’s happening, and am fascinated. I play with it, ask myself questions and have fun! Some of the questions I ask myself are: “How can I incorporate this into my life?”; “What are the practical applications for this?” and “How can I use this to help others?”

However, if there is ever any doubt, please have it checked out by a physician. (When in doubt, check it out!)

Happy Growth Spurt!

by Jan Toomer
March 25, 2009




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