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– Illusions –

Economic Status

These are way humans create labels, hierarchies, borders and distinctions. They are ways to control masses by manipulating and instilling fear.

It perhaps aided humans when the human race was in its infancy, to ensure the continued survival in earlier harsh times.

Are humans still in their infancy? No.

Generally speaking, the human race could be seen as being in the race’s teenager years. Insecure and unsure teens enforcing these labels, hierarchies, border and distinctions because it’s trying to find its place.

Temper tantrums, being “offended” at others words, actions, beliefs are all the young teenager’s way to try to control his environment; living under the assumptions that its all “eat or be eaten”; “be a victim or the victimizer”; “to have or have not”; “to control or be controlled”; etc. And none of that is needed; they are illusions.

This will, however, continue as long as the human race continues to feed the teenager angst and misconceptions.

Please remember that each of you are creators of your own reality; you are in complete control. This means you can continue the illusions or you can grow beyond them. Either way, it is under your control, your decision…and it always has been. You. Are. Not. A. Victim.

We – your teams, guides, guardian angels, committee, or whatever you prefer to call us – are here to help you. You need only ask and allow us to do so.


Channeled by Jan Toomer


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