Some healers have noticed that some client’s chakra system has changed. The colors, quantity, feel, etc.

The more a person moves into the fourth dimension, the more the energy bodies will alter and adjust.

Here’s the 3D Chakra System:









And here is one representation of a system adjusting to the newer dimensional energy:










As you see, there are still seven primary chakras – just different tones (color) and they concentrate on heart chakra and above.

The colors are soft pastels from the heart chakra up (even the cobalt blue, but I darkened it to make it show up better); and the lower chakra system has combined into one large chakra. This is because we are working towards releasing the lower chakras which were completely tied to the third dimension. The lower chakra color varies with individuals.

Please note that:

  • Some may still have the 3D chakra system – and that’s okay.
  • There may be variations in colors.
  • Chakras still ascend clear up to the Source, and delve deep into Mother Earth (at least until we’ve completely removed ourselves from the third dimension). Though this has always been the case, we had mainly concentrated on the seven third dimensional primary chakras.

I have found that those who have completed reintegration of all lifetimes with this one have begun the releasing of the individual lower chakras. This does not make any one person better than another. We all progress in our time, our own way.

If you are not sure how to work on this newer system, ask your team and the client’s healing team to aid in guiding you; but I found the techniques still work with the new system.


by Jan Toomer


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