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What is Within is Mirrored Outside

As each individual works to cleanse, heal and release their pasts; to unhook the anchors keeping them bound to the heavy 3D, so too does the city, state and country work to cleanse, heal and release their pasts.

Some have noticed that as they face their past fears, feelings of “less than”; insecurities, doubts and of lacking – the country struggles with the same. This means that each being needs to work not only on self, but also one’s own city, state and country.

You cannot cleanse, heal and release your own individual pasts and not address the past energies of the city, state and country.

It would be like taking one drop of ocean water, cleansing and healing it, then putting it back into a dirty, contaminated ocean. What good did it do?

It is all surfacing to be cleansed, healed and released.

So Many

So many people are yelling to be heard. Their voices demanding their words – be they positive or negative – be heeded.

Grouping together with others clamoring similar rhetoric and getting angry not only because everyone else is not jumping on their bandwagon, but also because the others are spouting either their own rhetoric or propaganda.

They want their pain, fears and doubts validated.

How can the city, state and country heal with all the posturing, fear, anger and hate? The anger and frustration – also known as fear – grows and grows. Or is it merely being released?

What is Within is Mirrored Outside of Self

On a city, state and country level, you need to come together, in healing, with the understanding and acceptance that you are all different, and you are all the same.

You will starve, love, bleed, thirst, hunger, cry, hurt, laugh and want just like every other person on this planet. How can the planet heal if those who inhabit it refuse to heal their own country?

Your hair color – eye color – long fingernails or short – pizza-lover or pizza-hater – suit or jeans – sandals or boots – left-handed or right-handed matters as much as your skin color, religion, gender… none of those are important!

A garden of many colored and type of flowers is a thing of beauty. We ask you to take delight in your differences.

And bond over the sameness of being spiritual beings.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


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