No One Gets Left Behind

We are arriving at a crucial time in our spiritual growth both on a personal level and as the human race.

Many have concerns about being “left behind”, but aren’t even sure what that means as far as what’s suppose to happen.

No one gets left behind. Each person works on their spiritual growth; walks their own path; and leaves the third dimension when they are ready.

Some are totally 5th dimension now. Some still straddle 5th dimension with the 4th dimension, and possibly the third dimension.

Some will stay and continue to be a way show-er to the fifth dimension.

This means they hold the vibrations for the fourth dimension for those on the third until they are ready to move up.

Others still will maintain the 4th to the 5th dimension step up energy for those who are ready for the move forward.

Having stated that, please be aware that third dimensional Earth has never before received such massive energy boosts – like we have been – to aid both Mother Earth and humans to raise their energy up and out of the third dimension.

These massive energy boosts will not last forever. As of right now, the projected end date for the massive boosts is in 2036.

Many changes have occurred the last ten years or so, but many more are to occur.

We are being asked to let go. Let go of fears, anger and hate in all forms. Prejudices, racism, elitism, treed, pride, envy, etc. These are completely third dimensional and cannot progress to the fifth dimension.

We are being supported by guides, and loved ones on the other side. We are not doing this alone.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


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