Seeing Your Soul Growth

Take a look at the animal totem Mouse, which represents scrutiny and paying attention to the minute details. Mouse energy sees that which is right in front of them.

Eagle, however, has keen eyesight as he soars above and is able to see a bigger picture.

Both are equally important energies.

We can use for comparison (generalized), as an example, humans as Mouse and your guides as Eagle.

We are neither. We see from an even higher perspective than Eagle. And we’d like to share some of how we see you.

You Carry a Light

Each individual has abilities, whether you want to call it being psychic, sensitive, intuitive, having gut feelings or call it instinct…it’s part of every human being.

Each of you carry a light that can be seen on the Other Side and from Other Dimensions. Each individual’s light brightens and dims throughout the day. It is affected by your thoughts, feelings, health and what is put onto and into your body. Someone feeling fit and happy would have a brighter light than one who’s a very negative person and perhaps bullies others to make her/himself feel bigger.

But let us be very clear – no one’s light is ever completely gone or extinguished due to their negativity. It can be dimmed or hidden from other on Earth – but never extinguished.

We’ve observed humans on the whole have been lightening up beautifully; we have been seeing your soul growth. Yes, there are still areas on Earth needing balancing and healing (a work in progress), and each individual is working on balancing and healing self – but each realization, epiphany; each step towards understanding and accepting, brightens you more.

Each time any of you releases more of the heavier third dimension energy, you shine brighter.

We look at Earth and see it speckled with the most beautiful soul lights shining — soul lights shining world wide. We’ve not witnessed such light on Earth since humans had become physical. Like the crystals on a chandelier reflecting the light and shining it outwards.

Even though most are viewing their existence wholly from what is in front of them, your souls have been relentless in not only setting up the grid work that brings the newer energies in, you’ve also anchored the new energies, assisted one another is raising frequencies of both Earth and the beings involved, and continue working on releasing the old programs of Earth.

This is where many may still have fears and frustrations, especially when seeing others as they act their fears out, and of those who struggle to maintain the power control, the old beliefs and systems.

These have been in place, reinforced and held firm for a very long time. It cannot be uprooted over night. It takes time to work to release the deep roots that have anchored those beliefs and systems.

Thank You

We commend your courage, inner strength and perseverance, and thank you for it. We not only rejoice for you, what you have accomplished and what you are doing, we also continue to support and encourage you all.

Channeled by Jan Toomer


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