If I’d Only Known

News and Views from the Other Side

forest-552868_640I now stand on the outside, looking in and wishing I knew then what I know now.

You all are temporarily inhabiting a time and space where you can have tactile experiences.

Yes, there are heartaches and hardships (which, by the way, are illusions you had added to enhance your experiences), but you also have abilities to experience things like taste.

What I would give to taste the sweetness and feel the smoothness of sugar along the sides of my tongue and the pucker in the back of my mouth when sipping on a fresh, homemade sweetened lemonade.

Or the piece of chocolate goodness melting in my mouth; the zing of peppermint; the burst of sunshine flavor when biting into an orange.

Oh! And the smells! The smell of fresh cut grass. Cinnamon and nutmeg in the fall. Rose and lavender. Flower blooms. My lover’s aftershave/perfume mixed with their natural body scent. Puppy breath.

Touch? The feel on denim on my body. High thread count sheets. Keyboard keys clacking under the pressure of my fingertips. A hug. A kiss. Holding hands. The feel of stroking a dog’s coat; cats fur; birds feathers; amphibians hide.

I can still hear, but most there cannot hear me. I miss being heard. Listening to my favorite music; a waterfall; the wind. I miss others knowing I could, and can, hear them.

I can still see, but it’s in a different way now.

If only I’d known then, I would’ve appreciated my physical experiences a whole lot more before it was all gone.

If I’d only known…

Channeled by Jan Toomer


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