Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life by Dawn Baumann Brunke. (c) 2002, Bear and Company. ISBN 18791819-6.

Dawn opened with how she became involved with animal communication.

Hired as an editor for “Alaska Wellness Magazine”, she began going through a stack of unpublished articles and discovered one in which a woman said she could communicate with animals.

So began Dawn’s journey.

Dawn introduced to the reader, several animal communicators who had translated the animals answers as Dawn interviewed them.

Along the way, Dawn also learned how to communicate with animals – and she had included her direct interviews in this book as well.

She had interviewed (to list a few) dogs, cats, llamas, flies and mosquitoes. When it came to reading the interviews from the insects, I balked. I am guilty of having no fondness for either the flies or mosquitoes (as my husband can attest). But, after I worked on myself a bit, I did read those two interviews with an open mind.

The interviewees showed a variety of personalities – some serious, some with an air of playfulness. And their messages are important to us all.

Being able to chat with critters myself, I had wondered if this book could hold my attention and/or provide new information to me; granted… I hadn’t talked to llamas, seals or many of the others in this book. I was not disappointed, and I carried this book from room to room so that I could grab a page or two in-between projects.

I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend this book for all! If read with an open heart, you just may discover a whole new layer to existence on earth!

Something Extra:

I asked Dawn the following question, and here is what she said:

“What message do you, an animal communicator, have to encourage others to work on communicating with animals? And, what message do you, as the person Dawn Baumann Brunke, have for others?”

I am primarily a writer and editor, so my connection with the whole animal communication movement is perhaps a little different than professional animal communicators, who work with clients (humans and animals) each and every day.

However, I do communicate with as many different animals and animal spirits and guides as much as opportunity presents. I sometimes say I’m doing ‘independent studies’ with animals — meaning that most of my conversations revolve around the things that most interest me and that I wonder about…things like shapeshifting, facing our fears, looking at our shadow material, and generally becoming more conscious and aware.

In terms of encouragement, I would say that we all need to follow the yearning of our heart and soul and deeper being. What is it that moves you? What is it that speaks to you most intently? What gets you excited about life and about learning more about who you are?

Those are the questions that propelled me into writing my first book, Animal Voices. I was initially a bit of a skeptic about this thing called “animal communication.” But I was also fascinated. Indeed, what would animals want to tell us if we could communicate with them? That single question sparked me into interviewing over two dozen communicators and, through them, many different animals of many different species. During the process, I also found that I could connect in this way. And that changed everything for me. I began to understand through experience how this all worked. I was still skeptical at times, though I also became more willing to look at my fears beneath that skepticism and find out more about myself, as well as deepen my connection with animals, nature and the world.

Not long after that book was published, I began receiving letters and emails from readers. Many shared dreams they had about departed animals or extraordinary meetings with animals, or very powerful insights they had while just sitting with an animal friend. Often these people would comment that they didn’t think it was “really” animal communication. But, of course, it was! During that same time, I also had a dream in which a group of animals ‘thanked’ me for writing a book about the different ways in which we can connect with animals. When I woke up, I had an almost complete outline of the book in my head. And this became the catalyst for writing my second book, Awakening to Animal Voices. The focus of that book is that there are many different ways to deepen our relationship with animals — through dreams, through healing, through the death experience, through unusual meetings, through animal communication, etc. What’s great about this is that by following one (or many) of those ways, we also necessarily deepen ourselves. So, that book is a celebration of diversity, of finding the appropriate paths that speak to us as individuals and spark us to open on deeper levels to animals, nature, ourselves and our planet.

My third book, Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, is also about following what interested me: the deeper nature of death and our fears around death, and how shapeshifting–in this case, shifting the ‘shape’ of our consciousness–can help us to expand our awareness. So, again, this speaks to my initial answer to your questions: I feel the best encouragement we can give ourselves is to embrace our deeper yearnings, to follow our bliss (as Joseph Campbell once wrote), and to really dig deep for the treasures of our souls.

More Author Info Please:

“Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices, Awakening to Animal Voices and Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions. She is also the editor of Alaska Wellness, a bi-monthly magazine focused on health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. And since 2004 she has been a columnist for Timeless Spirit, a spiritually enlightening online magazine. She is also listed in both Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who of American Women. Dawn lives in Wasilla, Alaska, with her husband, daughter and several animal friends. For more information about the books or to read chapter excerpts, visit her site at”

Thank you Dawn!

Review by Jan Toomer





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