You may have noticed that no article was put out last week, and many know that I often write articles in advance (except for the Energy Updates). This means that not only did I not write an article for last Monday, but haven’t written for at least two weeks.

There has been some odd energy lately.

“The Party You Are Trying to Reach is Currently Busy. Please Try Back Later”

For me, when I would “connect” with my team, I’d have no problems when I was working with, or on, a client. But, when I’d go to connect for writing, I’d get the equivalent of a busy signal or “try back later”. And it wasn’t just with my team. My non-physical self (higher self) wasn’t available for writing either.

Totally out of character.

Something was up.

But it wasn’t just the busy signals – there were other odd things too.

– I felt serenely disconnected from the physical – in it, but not of it (more so than normal for me). This meant to me that my higher self was working big time else where.

– Waking up – in the in between place – within a negative or violent dream. This, again, is not normal for me at all, and this had happened three times in two weeks.

When I realized what was going on, I stopped the dream and re-shielded. The last time this happened, I kept getting the phrase “devices causing disruptions”, so I’d go to work disabling and removing them.

– I had the sense of being held in stasis. This is not uncommon when my higher self is working on a large scaled event on the other side, but this felt different…like the whole world was placed in temporary suspension.

Again, this was odd, especially since we were gearing up for a massive download on this past full moon (March 5th), and the download was put on hold.

– Catching glimpses of a massive galactic conference.

I don’t often share stuff using the word “galactic”, but I have no other word that would relay what I kept seeing. It was a large room – like a hall – with all sorts of beings present and lots of communications and discussions.

I had no fears or concerns…I knew that whatever was transpiring would work itself out and I would get more information or not.

As far as the galactic conference, it has finished, at least enough that my higher self and team came back full force yesterday.

And they announced that they were ready to write…now. (“Ascending is Individualized” – will be released next week.)

The next morning, I was greeted by the team announcing that they would like to do more writing…now. I chuckled and told them after breakfast.

World Stasis

We had been put in a holding pattern – stasis or suspension – while the beings involved with Lightworkers got together to discuss what could be done.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one having negative or violent dreams. Unfortunately, some people who haven’t been able to keep up with the energy downloads and were already beginning to lose touch with reality, were also affected by these unhealthy vibes being sent across this planet, but not just at sleep time. Some of them have been physically acting on this energy.

In essence, the heavier, more dense energy – in a state of panic – began working hard to push that heavier, unhealthier energy on everyone. This is why some people have felt like the world was backpedaling, energy-wise.

Forcing energy on others goes against the rule of Free Will.

The world was put on “pause” while the Lightworkers and the supporting entities got together to see if they were allowed to interfere. This was where my (and others) energy self and team, along with other realm beings who support humans and Mother Earth in their journey to raise frequencies, have been.

It was deemed okay to interfere with the heavier energies.

Once that decision, and the decision as to how it would be accomplished were finalized – the world was taken out of stasis; energy selves were returned to their physical bodies and everyone got back to work.


Because we missed this full moon’s download, it has been rescheduled. Don’t get me wrong, the energy was still intense on the full moon, but we didn’t receive our additional scheduled download/energy shift.

Our next download will be a doozy.

It is scheduled for the solar eclipse on March 20, 2015.

You don’t have to be visually able to see the eclipse to receive the download; it just rides in with the energy of the eclipse.

I recommend: keep the intent of letting the past go if it no longer serves you. And please stay centered, focused, shielded, and stand in your true self…not the “self” you accepted from the views and thoughts of others.

Here are two more things the team wanted to address. Many people are feeling frustrated and like:

– they are stuck or feeling stagnant.
– they don’t know their soul purpose for this lifetime

These two will be addressed in a future article.

by Jan Toomer



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