What is ‘metaphysical studies’?

Meta = beyond, so beyond the physical. To me, metaphysical studies are the same as psychic study; intuitive study; energy study…studying about the abilities and working to find your abilities.

Understanding our natural ability to work with energy should not be ‘mysterious’, nor do I believe it to be taboo. I feel that we each do it daily, whether we are aware of it or not.

Though I have retired the classes and courses, the pdf booklets are available for purchase. The pdf booklets allow you to explore either generalized metaphysical, ability-related topics (Basic Undefined Reality and Undefined Reality) – or to more specific topics (Spirit Sensitivity, Finding Joy in Everyday Life).

I am still available for Metaphysical and Paranormal Consultations.

You can learn Symptoms of Psychic Abilities. Or you can explore Types of Psychic Abilities.

The blog also offers free articles on a myriad of metaphysical, paranormal, spiritual or energy-related topics.

With the available E-Books available you can also explore terminology while perhaps re-discovering some ‘new’ depths in your perceptions and expanding your awareness.

So maybe your next question would be along the lines of “Why? Why should I learn about this?”

I could create a long list of reasons I feel why you should learn this; but… I am not you. Only you can decide if you are ready to expand your current perception of life.

I am merely offering my writings to aid you on this journey.


Energy Update – May 15, 2017

A Big Push The full moon energy download was intense. Some experienced sleep disruptions (raising my hand here) as well as: - Vacillating emotions. This was due to the massive energy push to aid us in releasing or purging (no surprises there), while also providing us...

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What One Pattern is Revealing

I watch patterns. They can show how we got where we are; they can show where we are more than likely heading; they can sometimes show us why something is occurring; and what one pattern is revealing is that privacy is not so private. The Amazon shopping site makes...

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We Are One

        The spiraling time has no beginning, has no end. Tomorrows are now as are yesterdays and todays. I AM is spread out throughout time found on the spiral. She, he, both, neither. Delineation blurring now. Everything is but energy. Us too. So...

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Listen to Yourself

Listening to yourself begins with trusting yourself. While those words are easily understood by the logical aspects of the mind, it may not be so easily implemented. We have been programmed from physical day one, also known as our birth, to listen to others. We began...

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Animal Communication – Part Two

How Do Animals Communicate? We’ve touched on them learning some of our words and how they watch us. They can communicate with us through vocal sounds (hissing, barking, braying, etc.), and body language (ears pinned, back arched, hair standing up). But they also...

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Animal Communication – Part One

One ability I used a lot as a child was animal communicator. We lived in the boonies in Illinois and the animals were my friends. The frogs, ducks, fish, snakes, and other critters were what I played and communicated with, and I continue to use what I have learned. I...

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