I watch.

Okay, that sounded a bit creepy; let me try that again.

I watch what’s put out on social media – videos, photos, words and posters.

I watch people around town; what they say, feel, do and project.

I watch people’s responses.

I watch the energy included (or embedded) in each post, response, etc.

If something is not of love, it is fear. Period.


So many are filled with fear.

Fear is not all bad; it’s for survival. Without fear, humans wouldn’t have made it this far.

Fear of no safe water or food for all life can spur us into action.

Fear of losing control over the masses can spur others into action.

What can make fear dangerous is what one does with it.

Many are very focused on fear – their own fear or what they’ve borrowed from others.

However, this is still a planet of duality; there are two sides to every coin.

Some of these posts or stories are filled with compassion, inspiration, motivation, and/or are heart-warming. Also known as love.

These posts, stories, and/or responses have such warm, loving, hopeful, energy behind them. Their energies are calmer, gentler and quieter.

My team – and others teams – have recommended for each of us to “find the answers within the silence.” In other words, quiet self, go within and find what you are seeking.

When all you are hearing, feeling, seeing, etc. is fear, hatred, warring, you are allowing it to drown out the quiet within.

Even when I post an article highlighting the most likely path (at that moment) that we (humans) have chosen, there is always support, light and love along even the most difficult paths.

It is quiet, shining brightly and wending its way around – and sometimes through – all the fear being projected.

It is supporting us and gently offering guidance (which, due to our free will, we are free to ignore).

Gentle, loving moments peeking through the haze – grabbing our attention, even for a moment. A flower, a song, a smile, a kind word, and inspirational post.

Step Back

I ask each of you to – at least once a day – take some time to step back from fear in all of its forms (chaos, hate, anger, greed, etc.), take a deep breath, release it slowly and seek that loving moment peeking through the haze.

Energy right now is asking us – individually and collectively:

  • What are we creating for our tomorrow? Is it of fear/discord or of love/harmony?
  • Are we ready to let go of the past, which we’ve drug around from lifetime to lifetime – and step into the future (tomorrow) unfettered?
  • Are we willing to release the fear and boldly step into the love energy?

Please Remember

Our support is always there for us – always available. Sometimes we just need to step back from the fear to hear, see, and/or feel it.


by Jan Toomer


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