Others have come for help. A sprained foot, damaged wing, poisoning. When they are better, they leave. Her kind never stays – there is nothing out here for them.

But her? She’s different.

She showed up one day. No warning, no fan fare.

Now she comes each day, early evening, and makes sure I see her.

At first, she tried to come into the house through the big window – where she could see me. She next tried to get into my bedroom.

I offered Reiki like I do all the others. She accepted. But she never shared; I felt no imbalances or health issues.

She slept on the roof facing my bedroom. Come morning, she would soak up some morning sun, stretch and leave.

Later she decided the roof wasn’t what she wanted, and finally settled on the light right outside the bedroom.

She lands there as dusk threatens – standing watch until it begins to darken, then settles in for the night.

Not long after her arrival, I started dozing off at bedtime with feeling her soft feathers as she nuzzled her head under my jaw, making soft cooing sounds for my ears only.

She didn’t seem to have come here to get anything, need anything or want anything.

A month in, my curiosity won out. I stilled and asked why she was here.

“You need me.”

That simple.

And she was right. I needed her.

Her presence is welcoming and comforting, even though she – a wild bird – is outside and I am inside.

What a beautiful and perfect gift.

Update: (These articles are often written in advance.) When the below freezing temperatures hit out here, she moved back into town with the closest flock. There was no place out here for her to hide from the cold winds.

I do miss her, and am thankful for the time she was here for me.

by Jan Toomer


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