Over my lifetime, I have met others fears of me and/or my abilities.

I’d like to publicly set the record straight.

I don’t probe, dig or otherwise delve into your thoughts or mind. I don’t read your mind. I don’t drill looking for your secrets. To do so would be rude and, to me, morally wrong.

I will, however, sometimes hear your thoughts when they are directed to me. For example: your self talk (in your own mind) may be, “I need to remember to ask Jan about {topic}.” You have directed the question/topic directly to me, with the intent of it being discussed or addressed verbally.

You handed it to me.

I don’t pick your brain. I have enough going on in my own brain and life – I don’t need yours added to mine.

“So, How Do You Get, or Read, Information?”

Thank you for asking…

— Your physical body language and complexion can offer some information. How you carry your carriage; your skin tone; bags or circles under the eyes, etc.

Rather mundane sounding, isn’t it?

— Energy Read. Your body language and complexion are also translated into an energy signature or input to me. Even though I don’t diagnose, different energy signatures/outputs resonate similarly to known imbalances. Example: Nightmares or restless sleep, though may not necessarily show up in the physical (dark circles, red eyes, etc.), the energy signature/output will show the nightmares/tiredness in varying degrees in relation to severity or duration.

Energy radiating healthy/balanced or unhealthy/unbalanced.

Your emotions also energetically broadcast, not only to me but to others physically or emotionally close to you. And those who are afraid I’d see their metaphoric skeletons in their closet energetically broadcast that particular fear.

— Energetic Smells. Some imbalances translate to a smell or smells to me. When I was younger, I could smell cancer, sinus infections, and some other health imbalances before they became physically known to the person.

— Your Team. Before meeting with a client for a consult, I invite the client’s team to guide me to aid the client for the client’s highest and best.

Your physical self (when asking a question or broaching a topic) begins the dialogue between me and your team, higher self and/or body energy. This may include your team showing me a snippet of an incident that may have lent a hand to the current imbalance.

Also, in case of urgency or emergency, I may receive information to pass along if the person’s team needs that person to have the information quickly. It is awkward, but I have had information spontaneously show up in my head for a stranger near me and am asked to pass the information along to them. When this happens, I offer the information in the most innocuous way I can, and move on.

You are always free to follow suggestions I present to you on behalf of what I understood/interpreted from your team, or not. Your life, your choice.

I usually do not retain 90% or more of what was discussed in a consult or reading. Yours is not mine to keep. Again, I’ve enough going on in my own head, I don’t need to keep yours, too.

“Your Eyes Bore Into My Soul”

This is a phrase I have been told repeatedly over the years.

Well…okay. It may seem like that on your end, but let me share on my end of it.

When making eye contact, I am recognizing your soul, because that’s who you really are. Again, I am not reading, drilling, or digging anywhere for anything. I am not boring into your soul; rather, I am merely acknowledging your soul.

If we don’t make eye contact or even talk, my presence, energy or soul will still acknowledge your soul.


by Jan Toomer


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