Energy comes at us all the time, which we usually absorb. Shielding is one way to help dampen that.

Shielding can also help with centering and balancing oneself.

These techniques are not static, they can grow and change as you grow and change. Colors, vibrations, visualizations, sensations, etc. can change at any time.

It is usually recommended to not surround self or others, or to use reds, browns, grays, blacks or murky colors in energy work. These are lower density/lower frequency and can cause imbalances and/or ill-health.

The following phases are a general guide only, and do not have to be taken in order. If you find the First Phase does not work for you or fit you, then please continue on. Wherever you are, it’s okay. Really. We each progress at our own pace.

These are only suggested methods. Please feel free to change and adapt the techniques to you.

First Phase:

Learning the Light.

To begin, close your eyes and picture looking at yourself. While looking at yourself, imagine a bright white light coming down from above and enclosing you in it – kind of like the shimmering bubbles we made when we use to blow bubbles. You are totally encased inside of this white bubble.

Next we have to remove the unwanted energy from our space. Some people visualize this (unwanted energy) as black smoke or black arrows leaving their bodies. In your mind, direct “all negativity has left me.”

Once you remove the negativity, you need to “transform” this into positive energy, so that it won’t attach to anyone else. Some people visualize it as changing into pink smoke or pink flowers. Pink is the color of unconditional love.

Keeping your white bubble in place, next call down the white light from above, and see it as a liquid, coming down from the top of your head and coating your entire body.

To finish shielding, use an affirmation to seal the shield. The affirmation I use is, “Only that which is Highest and Holiest may enter within.” You can create your own, or use mine to finish the sealing of your shield.

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Second Phase:

The Light is Within.

In this phase of shielding comes the awareness, understanding or knowing that the light is within you. One way this may manifest for you is one day you with have difficulty pulling down a light or you just can’t pull down the light at all.

Many as this phase visualize the light expanding from the torso – perhaps the heart area or the soul seat area (stomach or solar plexus). The light expands from there, outward, filling the physical and subtle bodies of self. You may still see it settle into a shape of an egg or bubble.

Remember – as you grow and change, so too can your shielding.

Third Phase:

Having difficulties working with the previous two techniques? No worries. This can happen when you’ve reached the next and final Phase.

You are the Light.

There may no longer be a need to go through shielding steps. Many reach a level of awareness and know that they are the light and are no longer in need of protection and/or balancing techniques. This might be visualized as white or gold light encompassing all of self.


Q. I use the expansion of the light from within, but sometimes I use the first phase technique. Does this mean I am regressing?

A. I don’t believe that is regressing at all.

While we are still in human bodies, we can seek out comfort during stressful times or during an illness. If you are normally using the Second Phase technique (or a modification of any techniques), but sometimes seek out the step-by-step technique, that’s fine! Don’t worry. It just means you like that method for that moment. You may have needed it for focusing, balancing, comfort, etc. at that time or through that incident. That does not mean you are regressing.

I still use a modified version of Phase One for my morning ritual. It aids in bringing me in focus for the day.

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by Jan Toomer


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