Many of us have heard that “something major” is happening soon. Some say it will happen at the end of October, others say in November.

I have been asked a lot of questions, some of which is listed below:

  • What is going to happen?
  • Where is this going to take place?
  • Do I need to move?
  • Do I need to “get ready”?
  • What do I need to do?

My friends…I do not know.

I know, big help I am…right?

My team (guides) told me to have everything in place by November 1st.

Well, that told me nothing. What am I supposed to have in place? Why November 1st? What am I getting ready for? What do I need to do?

No answer.

Sound familiar?

Okay, perhaps I wasn’t being direct enough – so I asked more specific questions.

The response I received was that I “need to experience as others experience”.

Well, that sucked crunchy peanut butter, and was no help.

My suggestion to you all is what I’ve been saying all along:

  • Have emergency rations on hand (nothing new for those in hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc. prone areas).
  • Listen to yourself/inner self (not the part of self that goes into panic-mode)
  • Know that you will be where you need to be when you need to be there.

Please also remember, we each on Earth right now because we chose to be – our higher self knows exactly what is going on and where we are supposed to be, and when we need to be there, and why.

Have faith.

by Jan Toomer



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