We’ve discussed soul fragmentation, soul loss, and ghosts.

We’ve discussed how some hauntings are actually two times lines (in linear language) momentarily or occasionally over-lapping; a time slip. This isn’t really a haunting since both time lines are alive (happening now), and as they briefly intersect we can communicate with one another.

Now I want to introduce another type of interactive or intelligent “haunting”…soul fragmentation.

A soul fragment still “living” in the time frame of the soul loss (trauma, fragmentation) and is being perceived as a ghost. In reality, the fragmented part – still stuck in its past – lives on separately from the main self.

Example: A child, say born in 1966, experiences a trauma and has soul loss in 1969, but the child’s body and remaining soul continues on with life…becoming an adult, having children, etc.

Even though the person is still alive, (s)he has a soul fragment haunting the location or nearby area of where it became separated.

(Right click picture, click “view image”)

Chances are a ghost investigation team or paranormal team have investigated an area where the fragmentation occurred and captured evidence of a so-called ghost child.

I’m not saying all ghosts are fragments. There really are ghosts; soul fragments; time slips; human-made poltergeists as well as ghost related poltergeist activity.



by Jan Toomer


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