Spirits, teams, guides etc. are working more openly and physically now. Though it’s usually subtle interactions, it can be more direct.

I jokingly refer to the more direct approach as “a brick aside the head” – meaning it’s in-my-face and there is no way to not notice or see it.

Other times the subtle approach is so subtle that we either overlook it — hence the need for the more direct approach. And sometimes we have a bit from each; subtle and direct approaches in guidance.

While I’ve been going to my early morning physical therapy sessions, my routine had been to ride the endorphin waves as I headed straight back home afterward. But on this day, while heading home, I had an intense desire to run to the store to buy some sweat pants. So I did.

Once I reached the dirt portion of our road on the way home, I spotted someone in the distance, standing in the middle of the road and wearing and orange/red jacket or shirt.

As I neared, I slowed down and they disappeared. I sped up again, only to see the figure once again in the distance. As I neared, I slowed…and they disappeared.

This happened a third time. After the figure disappeared this third time (and me scratching my head and asking, “What the heck is going on?”), I kept at the slower speed. Not much further up the road a woman stepped out of the brush and flagged me down. She had locked herself out of her vehicle.

Had I not had the urge to go get sweatpants (which I’ve yet to wear), I would’ve passed by the woman before she had locked herself out. There normally aren’t any vehicles on the road except early mornings and again around 3:30 or 4pm. She would’ve had a rather long wait.

My team used both subtlety (urge to get sweats) and in-my-face (figure in the middle of road used to attract my attention and making me more aware so I wouldn’t miss the woman needing help) to get my attention.

So by being more alert or aware of the guidance you can receive, and where or to whom it brings you, the more you are able to build that inner-listening and rapport with your team. (Please use caution, and don’t put yourself in danger.)

by Jan Toomer


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