Drowning in a sea littered with:

– Racism
– Fear
– Hate
– Entitlement
– Separatism
– Blame games
– Greed
– Deception
– Cyberbullying

In the big picture (energetically) it really didn’t matter who became our president. We were going to have to face and appropriately deal with our own crap. Period. Right now, it doesn’t look like we are doing very well in the “face and appropriately deal” department.

The Past is Here, Now

Yep, that’s right.

Think back through the history of the United States. Pretty bloody. Lots of racism, entitlement, hate, anger, greed, deception, etc.

Oh, there are definitely wonderful, beautiful, creative times and events in the history of the United States, but those didn’t create the imbalances that now need to be faced, healed and released.

Wait…we’ve heard that before, right? Yes. We’ve been working long and hard on cleaning up our own personal pasts (including past lifetimes), followed by healing and releasing.

Now the land and its energy – known as the United States of America – is screaming to be healed. All the negative energies the human race has created against one another and has dumped into her land and water are surfacing and demanding to be healed and released.

It is demanding the humans (who were the species that dumped all of this be begin with) clean up the mess.

So how does one counter/heal the long history of the racism, anger, fear, entitlement, hate, separatism, greed, blame, and deceptive energies?

Love, acceptance of others, accepting responsibility for one’s own words, actions and deeds.

Non-violently standing up against oppression, suppression, subjugation, domination, inequality, injustice, etc.

Helping one another.

And understanding that each of our thoughts, attitudes and deeds are feeding energy. The question is, which energy will you feed? Negative and hateful or peaceful and harmonious?

We really did volunteer to come on Earth for this time, to help heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants…including us.

A Plot Twist

One of the most likely possible realities we were presented with (whether you consciously realize it or not) a few years back was the loss of the internet – aka the World Wide Web. But it was decided then that the positive, such as connections with others around the world, outweighed the negative. So we kept the net.

Now it’s really becoming a weapon used to feed the negativity – and to desensitize one from feeling or recognizing the harm they are doing.

Don’t get me wrong – I love having that internet connection! I have net-met some really wonderful people; reconnected with lost friends; and enjoyed the bantering and chatting.

But we’ve (the human race) taken bullying to new heights via Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become a disgustingly ugly norm on social media – and many don’t think that they are participating in Cyberbullying. They consider it “speaking their minds” or “speaking their truths”.

I posted a question, “Do you post or re-post something that you would not say to someone in person, face-to-face? If so, perhaps you should think before you post.”

Hiding behind a computer, tablet or phone when you post or re-post hateful words (aka energy); blaming others; feeding greed, separatism, entitlement, hate, fear, racism, etc. – does not exempt you from being held accountable energetically. These are still your thoughts and words (backed up by your energy) that are hurtful and are perpetuating disharmony.

Same, Same

I wrote that it didn’t matter what president got into office; their job remained the same energetically. They are our mirror and are to:

– To shake up the old (systems, energies, etc.) and remove it so that the new can be erected.

– To bring our negativity to light so that it can be healed and released.

It’s up to each one of us as to:

  • How long this will take
  • How ugly it will or will not be
  • How painful or peaceful it will or will not be

Right now – due to our lack of accepting responsibility – it looks like it is going to be a long, bloody, angry journey.

But you can change it. Today. Now. You and me. Calling for a peaceful healing and release – through kind thoughts, words and actions.

We’ve excelled in proving our abilities to create negativity. Now let’s put all of that creative ability and energy into showing what we can do – together – on a massive scale – through our positive energy.

by Jan Toomer


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