Bring in the Light
Live in the Light
Be the Light

  • But what about our dark side?
  • Doesn’t everyone have a dark side?
  • Do we ignore that?
  • What happens to our dark side?

We all have a dark side. We were born into the human bodies for this experience; this third dimensional planet of duality experience.

That means we contain light and absence of light to have a rounded out 3D experience.

We make choices, several times a day, on how to act or react to situations presented us.

We are provided regular changes to exist in the weight and oppression darkness offers, or to walk in the light.

Just like the Yin Yang sign shows, those walking in the light do contain dark.

And for those living in the dark, there is still your light within. It may be temporarily forgotten by you, but it is always present in you.

So, if you decide to walk in the light, what happens to the dark side of self?

It’s still there, and always will be when you live in duality.

There were past articles (some listed below) about accepting responsibility for all aspects of self.

I believe when we quit seeing our dark side as something separate from us, or ignoring the fact we all have it, then we can integrate it into the whole self.

Accepting responsibility for all aspects of self.

It doesn’t dim, or taint our light; and I personally believe it really enhances our spiritual awareness and our experiences when we accept all of self. *

I believe ignoring any aspect of self could bring problems – repeatedly – until acceptance of self happens.

This can manifest in opportunities to work through any belief system/view that you have been maintaining which stopped or halted your forward progression.

An example might be someone (or some repeated similar incidents) that triggers you in a negative way; “pushes your buttons”.

Your buttons will continue to be pushed. You can choose to lose self in the darker energy (fear, anger) or you can reclaim your power by not reacting in a negative manner.

When you react in anger/fear, you’ve immediately given your power (or control of your life) to the person you reacted to; this keeps you in a victim role…powerless. You keep yourself in the victim role.

Accept responsibility for all aspects of self, and accept responsibility for one’s own actions and deeds, thoughts, and words. This is how you:

Bring in the Light
Live in the Light
Be the Light


* (Barring mental imbalances. Please seek medical assistance for mental health issues.)

by Jan Toomer


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