For theWrung past couple of months, many have been experiencing exhaustion. Some expressed it as a bone deep physical exhaustion.

Personally, I generally sleep well and deep, and still wake up tired…and look tired.

When I am tired, my southern side shows up. My southern accent begins slipping into a conversation, my speech may slow down, and the southern sayings worm their way into my life.

Lately, I’ve:

  • been as jittery as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  • said I’d slap you clear into next week
  • been smacked so hard that my ghost needed crutches.

And I’ve felt like I had one wheel down and the axle was dragging. (Not literally, mind you.)

Why Are We Experiencing Exhaustion?

(Aside from any medical conditions) We are still working very hard on healing and releasing our past (on a soul level, not just this physical life); working with each new energy download and energy shift; working on energetically making changes to our body; and making physical changes to our body (diet, exercise, etc.).

Oh, and maintaining a physical life and all that it entails, while working to not step into someone else’s dramas, and allowing others their rights to their journey.

No wonder some of us are too pooped to pop and are looking for coffee that’s strong enough to float an iron wedge.


– Go to bed earlier, if needed, and let your body rest.
– Be gentle and kind to yourself.
– Gentle grounding may help (walking, gardening, gentle connections to nature, earth, etc.)
– Visualizing pulling in positive energy (from the Source), filling yourself up and/or supplementing your energy. (Note: if you happen to get over-energized – or if, for some other reason, you become over-stimulated – You can visualize any excess energy going out through the bottom of your feet and into Mother Earth.)

Even though I may look like I was chewed up, spit out, and stepped on (tired), I am fine as frog fur (healthy and fine), and hope ya’ll have a great week!

by Jan Toomer


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