by Dragon Spirit

Sleep continues to be a rare commodity these nights however, the most recent observation is that of HOW the images and dreams come and more importantly the WAY I am reacting to them.

While my dreams are usually vivid if not somewhat bizarre by some standards, they generally have a consistent feel to them. This morning that changed. Not only were the images different, they also were not of the same feel or nature of my norm.

While I like good fantasy and science fiction movies and books, I am not one to watch to watch horror flicks. Just not the kind of images I want replayed in my mind. Which is why this morning’s dream threw me a little, until I put it into perspective.

I never dream about vampires. This morning I did and not just one or two. I was surrounded by a large crowd of them. Under normal circumstance I think I would have been terrified. But, I was not. While I could see them swirling around me, I was very calm. It was almost as though I saw them as trapped souls looking for a way out. They were not malicious or aggressive in appearance. I recall telling them I was not interested and they just vanished.

The best translation I can give you all is that while we all have a lot of vampires in our lives be they emotionally draining friends or relatives to angry co-workers or addicted individuals who come to us for money or sympathy, it is up to us to choose to let them in and drain us.

While it is not always easy to “not give in,” the best advice I can give is honor thy self first and if there are other options available to these folks in your life to help them that do not involve them becoming attached to you, offer them those with a firm understanding that while you may feel for them, you are not in a position to help them or become their crutch.

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